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Shopping Tips & Tricks

Local Shopping Gems

Local Shopping  - Places that have bargains that you may not have known about.

Ross Dress for Less

Tuesday Morning

DD’s Discounts


Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS (Longs)

Click on the store name to visit their site.  Add your zip code to see their current circular.  Note: Sale dates are effective from Sunday to Saturday.

Gift Certificates

What’s great about gift certificates and living in California???  Gift certificates don’t expire!


Where you pay $10 and the gift certificate is worth $25. Note:  Generally a $25 gift certificate requires a food purchase of at least $50. Restaurant.com partners with several companies such as Mrs. Fields so the certificate can be used at a number of online sites.

Current Promotions:  Give a free gift certificate to (up to) 30 people each day!
Customers can purchase a $25 Gift Certificate for only $2!!! Use code: SANTA. Exp 12/25/2009.


Even new web shoppers feel comfortable using GC from Amazon.


Send a SuperCertificate and the recipient can redeem it from the store of their choice.  Also a great idea if you are giving a gift to a family as the certificate can be split into smaller certificates.

Coupon Shoppers


Coupons.com has sixteen coupons for toys and games.  Who accepts coupons - ToysRUs, Wal-Mart, Target.  Almost every chain store.

Entertainment Book

A Celebrate-Family.com Best Bet! Discounts on Disney shows, movie tickets,  groceries, dining and more.

Current Promotion: $19.99 for all books, free shipping.  Extra books for only $15 each. Expires 12/30/2009.

My Parent Rewards

My Parent Rewards is everything a coupon book is in a card! Instead of buying a coupon book that can only be used in 1 city, the My Parent Rewards Card is less expensive and can be used at 100,000+ locations across the US

Current Promotion: $20 (save $10).

Prices and promotion information current as of 12/19 and subject to change without notice.

Looking for new places to go for bargains?  Or maybe bargains where you don’t expect them?