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What do I do?

I create web sites by putting together ideas, words and pictures together in a way the looks good and then ‘publishing’ them to the web.

Education:  How did I learn?

What types of jobs - writing, designing web templates, seo, sem, someone to handle the social media.  Facebook, twitter, pinterest and Google +.  Social medial policies.  

Quick note about Facebook and what you post.  It is everywhere.

What are the three parts of a web site:

1) Domain Name - GoDaddy, Yahoo, Register
    Tell them who you are.

2) Hosting Service - Think of a filing cabinet and your web site being a folder.

3) Software to create your web site. Free as opposed to purchased.

Can you do it too?  Absolutely.

1) An Idea - What are you passionate about???  
Hair and styling - Curly Nikki,  Chocolatehairvanillacare

2) Find a name.

3) Share


My sites: