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Summer Bowling Center Promotion

Thanks for  visiting Celebrate-Family and finding out more about our bowling center promotions.

Just a quick description of Celebrate-Family.com and what we do.  C-F.com is a family events web site.  Parents and care givers with children ages 2- 16 use our site as a resource for family friendly things to do places to go, and ways to save money.  Our community covers SF/San Mateo, Marin, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Alameda.  Besides the web site we publish a weekly newsletter (sometimes daily if requested by our subscribers) and blog.

We are offering a separate Kids Bowl Free listing for bowling centers.  You are not limited to information about summer bowling, you can change the text as you wish to include not only the summer bowling details but also for sign ups for your center’s newsletter, or blurbs about birthday parties, summer leagues or other events. You have up to 125 words.  Some ideas for text are “Get coupons and special offers by signing up for our newsletter.” The cost of the promotion is $99 (before June 1st and $149 after June 1st).  

Kids Summer Bowling Promotion  

$99 (before June 1st and $149 after June 1st)

1) 150 words to describe summer bowling promotions, requests for email subscribers, youth leagues or birthdays.

2) Individual Daily Listing of your center's summer bowling promotion with times, details and links to direct links to your center registration page. This is important because the individual listing will show both on the general web site, but also to those viewers looking for events in their local area.

3) Direct link from our Kids Summer Bowling page to your center's summer bowling registration page.

Please click on the following urls to view how your listing might appear.  Remember you can change the text as you wish up to 125 words.


>>Celebrate-Family Summer Bowling page for 2014.  On this page we list the summer bowling promotions.

>>Individual Bwoling Center Listing.  This listing appears in the general site and also are Santa Clara country section.
Cambrian Bowl individual event listing. We would create one of these for each day of your promotion. Notice the event heading which works well for search engines.

>>Kids Summer Bowling Generic listing. While this is a good listing for search engines,  the reader must visit our page and then click on the links to find your center.  By taking advantage of our promotion, viewers are taken directly to your links.

>>Visit Celebrate-Family.com  to see what types of events we include in our event calendar.  Use this url to bypass our 'drop box' which asks for email addresses.

So that's my 'elevator' pitch. You can reach me by email at marian@celebrate-family.com or via phone at 408.728-6205.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to working something out that benefits both of us.