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Adding Your Events to Celebrate-Family.com

Celebrate-Family.com is an online event web site specializing in family friendly entertainment.  We gather information about events, classes, concerts, contests, kids eat free nights,  things to do and places to go from all over the Bay area and consolidate the information on our site.  As such, we would love to include your event or information (and share it with our community).  But sometimes, we can’t because of missing information such as a zip code for the event location, a description of an event or not understanding the language and slang used by a particular sport.  Sorry we don’t speak skater, volleyball or hockey.  So we need you to tell us the times for spectators, how much it costs to attend and other information. (:>)   

I hope that after reading the following information, you will have a better understanding of how to input, share or send your information to us.  If you have any questions, please send an email to events [@] celebrate-family.com.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much?
Answering these questions is a quick and easy way to remember what information is needed.

What is the name of your event and the name of the location.   Really the most important part of your information as this is the eye catcher.  We use the format [Name of event]at [Name of Location].

The description of your event (or class, etc.).  As you are creating this information, remember the description information is displayed in a block so you have the opportunity to describe ‘why’ someone should attend, the appropriate ‘ages’ for attendees and the details of the ‘cost’.  

Why:  The description of your event, but it is also your opportunity to convince the reader ‘why’ they should attend.  Please use no more 400-500 characters (including spaces).

Who:  What is the youngest or oldest appropriate age to attend your event.  This piece of information is especially important if your event takes place after 7 pm.  “All ages” or “Kid Friendly” should not be used a catch all unless it really is OK for a 3 year old to attend your evening event.  At Celebrate-Family.com, our age groups are 0-5 (pre-school) 6-12 (elementary) and 13-18 (teen).

How Much:  The details of cost.  For example:   Adult/General Admission (13+): $25; Children (5-12yrs): $12; Children under 5 free.

Date, state time, end time (optional).  If yours is a re-occurring event such as a class, then place this information (including the date of the last class) in the descriptive text.

>> Where
Zip code, zip code, zip code!  Zip codes are required for every location.  If you do not know the zip code then input the street address (or the cross streets) city and state into the search bar of your web browser and press enter.  Your browser should display the zip code or a nearby address with a zip code.

>> What is the Cost of your Event
Enter a specific cost as in Free or $5 or a range of the lowest to highest i.e. $5 - $20, or use one of the following abbreviations,  FWA (Free With Admission);  PWYW (Pay What You Will); FBRR (Free But Reservation Required).

>>Other Helpful Notes
Images – Do not include images in the descriptive text.  Contact us about promoting your event with photos and other upgrades.  Click here to go to our promotions page.

Formatting Your Text – We suggest copying your text to NotePad or another text editor to strip away any formatting markers and then to copy the text to our event web site.  

Making Your Event Stand Out – Promote your event with photos, upgrading it to a Featured Event or including it in our On Sale section for as little as $25. Click here to go to our promotions page.

Ready?  Click here to add your event or information to our site.